By Michelle Vodrazka  

Mmmm, cravings….I bet that just by the mere mention of the word, you can picture, even smell, the food that you regularly crave. Let me guess, for most of you it’s something sweet,   [READ MORE]

If you have stopped by a Metro  recently you may have noticed that Cookin’ Greens is on sale for $4.99 a bag!

Stop by a   [READ MORE]

200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G 3B6


Fiesta Farms  is an independent grocery store & garden centre emphasizing organic & locally farmed products. Fiesta Farms has been a long time supporter of   [READ MORE]

If you have stopped by a Thrifty’s Foods or seen their flyer recently you may have noticed that Cookin’ Greens is on sale for $4.99 a bag- what a deal!

Stop by a  Thrifty Foods and enjoy a wonderful selection   [READ MORE]

You probably have a Metro near you, after all, they are Your Local Grocery Store operating in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Founded in 1947, Metro has a number of banners operating under various names:   [READ MORE]

By Elis Halenko, Cookin’ Greens Registered Dietitian



I LOVE FOOD. My favourite stories from my childhood have always revolved around the time my sister made that chocolate   [READ MORE]

We had a blast bringing the ‘adventure’ of Cookin’ Greens to the Outdoor Adventure Show in Mississauga from February 20 to 22nd! Cookin’ Greens was there at Booth #814 introducing attendees to the brand with our Everyday   [READ MORE]

 If you have checked out our new and improved online store locator recently you will find that Cookin’ Greens is proudly available across Canada. This week we are giving a shout out to our friends   [READ MORE]

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