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Demystifying what the flash-frozen process is all about: Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) technology, also known as ‘flash-frozen’, ‘fresh-frozen’, and ‘quick- frozen’ was pioneered by the American inventor Clarence Birdseye as a method of   [READ MORE]

Unbelievably convenient and better value than the fresh equivalent…

The fundamental reason why the flash-freezing process was developed was to offer the consumer great tasting food during colder seasons. The flash-freezing process contributes to longer shelf life, reduced   [READ MORE]

What is the H3-Study?
A third party auditor (* completed by Author and Vegetarian Chef Nettie Cronish), conducted a proprietary study called the H3-STUDY. This study clearly demonstrates the value of our fresh-frozen Cookin’ Greens products   [READ MORE]

“Going Green”- it’s not just about being kind to the environment… it’s about getting more dark- leafy greens or “super foods” into your diet that nourish your body with essential vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to   [READ MORE]

Origin and History

Cookin’ Greens™ Spinach (S. oleracea), rapini Brassica rapa – also known as broccoli rabe or rabe, collards Brassica oleracea vates variety featured in our Designer’s Mix, and kale Brassica oleracea vates blue curled variety, are   [READ MORE]

At Cookin’ Greens our Quality Assurance team works hard to ensure that from farm-to-freezer our dark-leafy greens are traceable and meet the necessary quality standards set by the Canadian,   [READ MORE]

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