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Fiesta Farms  is an independent grocery store & garden centre emphasizing organic & locally farmed products. Fiesta Farms has been a long time supporter of the Cookin’ Greens brand. We spoke with Enrico Galati, the Frozen-Dairy Department Manager to see what he had to say about Cookin’ Greens… 




1. What are the top local brands/products you carry?

 Cookin’ Greens is a great one in the frozen food category! 

 In the dairy department we have a variety of local farms that supply us, like Hewitts Dairy (Milk and cultured products), and Hope Eco Farms (Small Flocks Delight Eggs).

 Eddie, our Organic Department Manager says Acme Oats is a big one, they are located in Vaughn. Also Kiju Juices out of Kitchener, and in the fresh food category we do well with Live who are located at Spadina and DuPont, so it doesn’t get more local then that. 

 2. What is your favourite Cookin’ Greens Product?

 My favourite is the Artist’s Mix. My wife likes the Designer’s Mix because it has Rapini in it and she loves Rapini. I’ve asked Toby of Cookin’ Greens how she got the name of the different Mixes and she said that she that they’re inspired by her nieces and nephews. I thought that was great. 


3. Which Cookin’ Greens is your best seller? 

 Chopped Spinach is #1 with Kale as a close second. 

 4. Why do people love to shop at your store?

 I think people love the variety of products we carry. We have plenty of options in organic as well as conventional. Also for our customer service, we listen to our customers. If we don’t a have a certain product they need, we’ll do our best to source it and bring it in for them. 

 5. What is your store’s favourite social media channel to engage?

 Twitter is probably #1 with Facebook at #2. 

 Thank-you for your time Enrico!

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