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Sesame seeds. Yes, I am talking about those little white and black seeds that coat your sushi, are sprinkled on your stir-fry, ground up into tahini paste, and taste delicious toasted on your favourite dark-leafy   [READ MORE]

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Summer 2015 is here!   [READ MORE]

 Cookie Roscoe, Farmer’s Market Manager


As Chairman Of The Board of the Winnipeg Film Group, I learned how to sync sound, operate a boom, cut picture,   [READ MORE]

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Goodness Me! is a natural food market providing the products, education, and resources you need to maximize your health potential. We spoke with Katie Mitton, Marketing Manager   [READ MORE]

By Cathy Russell, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

I’m Cathy Russell, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Graphic Designer. I blend my background in art and design with   [READ MORE]

You may have heard of “celebrity” home economists like Mairlyn Smith or Lieutenant Governor, Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell and have “some” idea of what a home economist is. A far cry from the pie baking image you may   [READ MORE]

By Jaime Slavin –BaSc., MPH., RD.



Come to the market with an open bag and open mind. A farmers market is an excellent place to shake up your usual routine of what you buy at   [READ MORE]

By Brittany Stager, Cookin’ Greens Social Media Consultant


Hello there Cookin’ Greens fanatics! My name is Brittany Stager I run a social media & communications company called   [READ MORE]

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