Chopped Kale

It’s never a dull moment with Cookin` Greens  Chopped Kale- perfectly versatile for your green smoothies! Add your favourite fruits and veggies to the mix for a personalize smoothie beverage loaded with green goodness. For every portion of Chopped Kale, we like adding an equal amount of fruit!  For example, for a single serve, add ½ cup of Chopped Kale and ½ cup of mixed berries. We recommend you blend your smoothie with milk, a milk alternative or another preferred liquid. Add a touch of honey or agave nectar!

 Dietitian Notes:

  • GMO-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low in Sodium
  • Source of Calcium
  • Good Source of Vitamin A
  • Good Source of Vitamin C
  • Good Source of Fibre
  • No Sugar Added
  • A healthy diet rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits may help reduce the risk of some types of cancer.
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