By Dr. Michael Schecter

Michael Schecter

Chronic acidity in your body will interrupt all cellular activities and function. It interferes with life itself. When the pH of your body get out of balance by becoming too acidic, you may experience an increase in cavities, poor bone density, low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, arthritis, blood pressure abnormalities, blood sugar challenges, fungal problems (Candida and yeast), headaches, heartburn and acid reflux, hot flashes, inflammation, insomnia, premature aging, skin problems, stress, and tension, and other disorders.


Each part of our bodies operates at an ideal pH. Our bodies strive to maintain that optimal range to keep the organs, bloods, fluids, and tissues functioning properly. Enzymes can only perform their tasks only in an environment with a clearly defined pH.


When our bodies are overly burdened trying to compensate for pH imbalances, it suffers immensely. This excess stress leads to toxicity and illness. This toxicity leads to microform overgrowth (bacteria, pathogens, yeasts, fungi, parasites, etc) which can lead to illness. The body can not detoxify properly when it becomes acidic. This leads to the activation of emergency mechanisms to compensate for toxicity. Inflammation can result, as well as lesions and hardening of tissues. Many cases of eczema, hives, and red patches on the skin are due to irritation caused by excessively acidic sweat.


A great example of this is weight gain. Fat is an excellent binding agent. Our bodies will store more fat when necessary to bind to excessive toxins in the body. Weight is much more complex than simply metabolic issues. The acid/base balance plays an integral role in maintaining a healthy weight.


Excessive acid can lead to loss of minerals. This demineralization can be quite significant and can affect any organ because alkaline minerals are stored in all the body’s tissues. The best known consequences of demineralization are problems affecting the skeleton and teeth. Bones lose their calcium, and along with it their resistance and flexibility, to the point where they break far too easily, lose their density (osteoporosis), become inflamed at the joint (Rheumatism), and wear away the disks (sciatica). Teeth can also become more brittle because of mineral loss. They can chip, become oversensitive to hot and cold food, or become more susceptible to cavities.


Greens can provide a solid foundational source and balance. You will find the full spectrum of minerals and vitamins along with needed buffering capacity to maintain long term homeostasis.



About Dr. Michael Schecter

Dr. Michael Schecter has a special interest in treating all patients on their own terms. Michael has accumulated expertise, understanding and incorporating dental health into your overall life balance. He will assess your needs and provide a comprehensive treatment plan, including financial options. He offers patients alternative remedies to pharmaceuticals, reduced   toxicity, and organic products to promote gentle healing. Michael understands your unique requests and will thoroughly evaluate your dental health and help determine the best course of treatment for you.

Michael’s passion is to provide the extraordinary benefits of Biological Dentistry to his patients. Moreover, he is conscious of the health controversies prevalent in dentistry today. He is well aware of the overall health benefits of treating the whole body and considers the well-being of his patients his number one priority. You will have the opportunity to explore the dental relationship with diet and lifestyle together with Michael. He keeps current by attending Biological Dental lectures and workshops and through his membership in The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Michael looks forward to addressing your needs with the most effective treatment possible.

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