At Cookin’ Greens we believe that life should be about moderation. This means that you can enjoy your holiday season indulgences but make sure to still keep up with your health and fitness goals. Here are a few tips to help you keep on track and hopefully prevent and post holiday guilt.

1)     Water, Water, Water drink at least 3 liters of water day, I know in the winter it’s harder to do because of the cold, this is your chance to drink the recommended 3 cups a day of green tea. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and has many health benefits. Not only does water keep your weight under control, it flushes the toxins from your body, and it makes your skin supple and glowing. My belief is that water is the fountain of youth; think about it, what do you find in a fountain? WATER!

2)     Fiber – Aim for 30 – 50 grams of fiber a day. The normal SAD (Standard American diet) gets about 15 grams of fiber a day. Fiber rich foods leave you feeling full and satisfied longer, this will help with over eating. In order to avoid bloating and other digestive discomfort (gas) increase your fiber intake slowly by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Good fiber sources are apples, avocado, bananas, berries, beans, lentils and greens like spinach, kale and collard greens.

3)      Healthy Fats (EFA’s Essential Fatty Acids) -Yes we need fat! Over the years we have been bombarded with Fat Free this and Fat Free that. We’ve obsessed over how much fat was in something rather than what we are actually eating. Most fat-free products compensate for the reduced fat with increased sugar and refined carbohydrates. Healthy fat sources are Olive oil (extra virgin or virgin), olives, avocados, almonds, peanuts, sesame oil, pecans, pistachio nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, etc. Also Flax seed, flax oil, chia seeds, and Salba are also great sources of EFA’s and added fiber.

4)      Exercise – Get a least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Take a nice stroll around the neighbourhood to admire the holiday decor.

Have a healthy, happy, holiday season.

Cheers to Good Health!


The Cookin’ Greens Team

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  1. Lots of great tips here, especially the importance of healthy fats. It’s nice to see someone give advice beyond the typical eat less and exercise more. People are much more likely to follow the specific tips you have presented.

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