We Made a Deal!
Can you believe it? We made a deal in the Dragons’ Den! We very much appreciate the Dragon’s giving us the chance to pitch our product, and are even more thankful for Jim Treliving giving us a second look, and believing in the powers of our greens.

cg-dd-3After we landed a deal with Jim, we were quickly escorted back to the atrium where we were introduced to Jim’s “right hand man”… Rowan. He was so calm (Toby wasn’t) and ready to get down to business.

Toby-RowanWe were a tad tired, but we did sit down and had a quick recap before Wendy, Cheryl and I swiftly left the CBC building and headed to a nearby hotel lounge for a celebration glass of bubbly… a very special thanks to Cheryl – she’s quite the trooper, a talented colleague and long time friend. It was an amazing end to an unbelievable day!

A-Deal-Was-MadeDragons’ Den was a wonderful experience and will play an important role in our ongoing success. But that will only take us so far – we can’t do it without you. Tell your friends about Cookin’ Greens. Share our recipes. Search for us in the store. We very much believe in this product, and want everyone to experience it, so help us spread the healthy word!

Vote Like A Dragon
The Dragons’ Den fun isn’t over yet – we are giving you the opportunity to agree or disagree with the Dragons’ decision to invest. You can head on over to the Cookin’ Greens Pitch Page on the CBC website, and vote us “In or Out.” If you missed seeing our pitch last night, you can watch it again here.

What’s Next for Cookin’ Greens?
We are taking our Cookin’ Greens on a Dragons’ Den sampling tour! You’ll get the opportunity to try the Everyday Cookin’ Greens Recipe (the very one that won over the Dragons on the den), for yourself during March & April in your local supermarket and specialty food stores. Check our schedule to find a participating store near you!

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5 thoughts on “We Made a Deal in the Dragons’ Den!”

  1. Congrats!! I was so excited to see you guys,I buy the Athletes Mix.. its delicious, and I can easily sneak it into practically everything my 1.5 year old eats, so I know she’s getting her greens and beans! Thanks so much, and good luck! I’m a loyal customer.

    1. Hi Dana,

      Thanks you for being a loyal customer, we would not be able to do what we do without you. Please check you inbox for a message from Natalie.

  2. Hi Toby! Andrea Genco here. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you on Dragon’s Den. Knew it was you bofore they said your name. Anyway, I’ve bought Cookin’ Greens for a while now and love them. Didn’t know they were your ‘baby.’ All the best with it all. Would love to hear from you.

    1. HI Andrea –I’m just catching up on emails/postings –thanks for this one. Glad you caught it in real time…I’m just happy they were ‘gentle’ with the editing. The dark-leafy green concept is good /important for Canadians so CBC showcased this through all the Dragon’s business-related comments which in many were valid…but hey -someone has to pioneer new ideas – healthy foods that the consumer DOES want – more and more these days. Let’s catch up one day off line. Toby

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