Unbelievably convenient!

As GREEN as it can get and as EASY as it can get – WE do all the heavy lifting…

1)      Cookin’ Greens™ are so versatile you won’t know where to start. Served hot, warm or cold, there are endless (simple) ways to get more dark-leafy greens into your diet.

2)      Cookin’ Greens™ offers you a full range of quick-frozen dark-leafy greens. We have chopped Athlete’s Mix, Designer’s Mix, Chopped Kale, Chopped Spinach, Chopped Rapini

3)      You can substitute fresh dark-leafy green with our fresh frozen equivalent…it’s that easy – can you believe it – finally!

4)      With Cookin’ Greens™, you NO longer need to wash, cut & trim your dark-leafy greens. We’ve done ALL the work for you. Simply go from freezer to recipe. NO THAWING  pour directly from the bag into your pan, pot or wok. Easy!

5)      Going from field to freezer in 6 hours or less, and using an innovative “Quick-Frozen”, process we are able to lock in more flavour and nutrients and help remove some of the ‘bitterness’ inherent to fresh dark-leafy greens.

6)      In addition, there is no more waste as you use your Cookin’ Greens™ as you need them.

Cookin’ Greens™ pair beautifully with hundreds of different common household ingredients. Have your tired our products, do you have a recipe that you would like to share with us or any other feedback? Please e-mail natalie@cookingreens with your ideas/recipes/thoughts we really value your feedback.

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