Vita Health is one of our Cookin’ Greens retailers in Winnipeg, MB. We interviewed Ryan Labonte, the corporate grocery manager, to find out more about the store!



What are the top local brands/products you carry?  

We love supporting local! It’s hard to narrow it down to just a few because there are so many great local producers out there. I’d have to say our local, fresh produce farmers are right up there.


What is your favourite Cookin’ Greens Product? 

I like the Organic Chopped Kale. It’s great for any dish, salad or smoothie.


Which Cookin’ Greens is your best seller? 

 The Chopped Designer Mix is our top seller. In fact both mixes outsell the other Cookin’ Greens products by quite a bit.


Why do people love to shop at your store? 

Like us, people want to support local. We are a Manitoba family-owned business and that resonates with people. Healthy living is also more popular than it’s ever been. Vita Health Fresh Market stores are the destination in Winnipeg for local, organic, and natural groceries and health supplements. Our exceptional customer service is what keeps people coming back time and time again and that’s something we really pride ourselves on.


What is your store’s favourite social media channel to engage? 

Facebook is our primary social media channel. We find it works well for us to promote new products and advertise our events and sales. It’s also a great avenue to start a conversation with our customers.

St. Vital Square Fresh Market
Suite 19-845 Dakota St, Winnipeg, MB R2M 5M3


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