Cousin’s Market is one of our Cookin’ Greens retailers in Mississauga, Ontario. We interviewed Mark Battaglia at Cousin’s to find out more about the store!




What are the top local brands/products you carry?

Our in house fresh prepared ready meals made daily without the use of preservatives, would be at the top of our list along with the fresh in season

Local produce  and our fresh meats that are hormone and antibiotic free.


What is your favourite Cookin’ Greens Product?

Hands down Athlete’s Mix!


Which Cookin’ Greens is your best seller? 



Why do people love to shop at your store?

Our freshness and excellent selection of healthier alternative great tasting foods.


What is your store’s favourite social media channel to engage?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

1215 Hurontario St. Mississauga, Ont, L5G 3H2


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