By Natalie Maurice, Marketing, Promotion & Special Events Co-ordinator

Natalie Maurice

In the past decade, I have started my journey towards better health. First it began with exercise. Having been what is now termed ‘Skinny Fat’ my whole life, I now realize that I was not at my optimal health. I had stomach issue, low energy, and my moods were all over the place, but hey I was skinny!

Exercise was step one, from there I started to be pay more attention to what I eat and that interest lead me to get my certification in Holistic Nutrition. I went back to school after 20 years and loved it. It was there that I learned I had food sensitivities and now I’m living a pain free life…no more tummy issues.

During this time of working out and eating mindfully I met Toby at the Kitchen Place doing a demo of her newest product. Flash frozen greens! I love the idea and immediately asked her “how I can be a part of this?”. It is now 7 year later and I write blogs, help with customer service, and spreading the word that healthy can be convenient.

I work full and part time, have 2 dogs, and train in Mauy Thai so healthy convenience is essential. On the busy days I have my favorite Cookin’ Greens recipe this is a Nat original with staples that are always on hand in my home.


Cookin’ Greens Mediterranean Skillet:



1 Package Cookin’ Green Kale

2 cloves garlic

1 Can Chickpeas or left-over Chicken

1 Cup Organic Salsa

1 ounce goat cheese

Sun-dried Tomatoes in oil


Pour some oil from the sundried tomatoes and garlic into a skillet. Add kale, salsa, some sundried tomatoes and chickpeas.

Cook on low until Kale is ready about 10-12 minutes. Top with 1 ounce crumbled goat cheese.


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