Dear Cookin’ Greens Customers,


At Cookin’ Greens, our customers are our most important asset.


We know that our customers choose us both for the quality of the product and for what our brand represents: healthy and convenient flash-frozen vegetables that move from farm to freezer in just hours to preserve flavour, freshness and nutritional benefits.


We care about the choices we make to provide our customers with the best products. As a small company, we rely on outsourcing all elements of the production process to third parties. We do our due diligence in trying to do business with the best farmers, suppliers, retailers and everyone else along the chain of production. 


When the safety of our product is compromised, we have to react quickly and transparently—no matter what the cost. We cannot bare for the trust that has developed between Cookin’ Greens and our consumers about the safety of our product to be broken.


Living up to the expectations of our consumers is, and will always be, our top priority.


We thank all of you for trusting Cookin’ Greens and bringing our products into your freezers and onto your plates. We take pride in helping you fulfill your healthy eating agenda and providing you with products that you know are safe and ready to prepare. 


To ensure you are aware of the details of the product recall, please click here


I welcome any questions you may have to be directed to me personally at



Toby Davidson

President, Founder



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