Check out this 3rd party validated study that  compares our frozen dark-leafy greens to the  fresh equivalent (PER 500g bag).We call it the H3 Study – How Much, How Many, How Long
These 3 criteria were evaluated: Retail price point, how many fresh it takes to make fresh equivalent, prep time.

Fresh vs. Frozen – Results clearly Demonstrate the benefits of all three areas. It’s a no brainer plus – no waste & use them when you need them – no more wilting/rotting in your crisper.
We must point out that eating fresh is still and excellent choice but fresh frozen is simply a better overall choice/experience.

 [scribd id=64368970 key=key-j8pwo09wkjnxn6xgbla mode=list] SOURCE REFERENCE: H3 STUDY COMPLETED BY NETTIE CRONISH 2009.

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