The Cookin’ Greens Brand

Most North Americans know we should be eating better, but we struggle to find the balance between indulgence, healthy eating, and convenience given our very busy day-to-day lives. This is why The Cookin’ Greens Brand™ took on the challenge of coming up with a healthy and delicious products that even the most rushed diner would thoroughly enjoy.

We rose to the challenge with the development of Cookin’ Greens™, a selection of dark-leafy greens that are farm picked and flash- frozen within hours for your convenience. This innovative process locks in the rich flavour and nutritional benefits of these greens.

We offer a selection of Cookin’ Greens products, from “confetti- like “ dark-leafy “straights” such as chopped kale and chopped spinach as well as  our glorious signature “blends” all naturally grown or organic available  both at the retail and foodservice level in Canada.

Eating well is a pleasure that we want to share with you. Cookin’ Greens™ finally makes it a breeze to include these important dark-leafy greens in your diet.

 The Cookin’ Greens Brand, established in 2009 is a Canadian based company. For more information, please contact us at or through our online “Contact Us” page 

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