Cost Savings Fresh Frozen vs. Fresh

What is the “H3-Study”?

A third party auditor (* completed by Author and Vegetarian Chef Nettie Cronish) , conducted a proprietary study called the “H3-STUDY”.
The study clearly demonstrates the value of our fresh-frozen Cookin’ Greens products versus like fresh greens.

This comparison is made in several ways:

  1. QUANITY (how many fresh bunches it takes to make 500g of Cookin’ Greens)
  2. COST  (how much $, how much do the fresh equivalent cost to make 500g of Cookin’ Greens)
  3. TIME  (how much time savings in minutes) – YOUR time

H3 Study Comparison Charts

H3 Case Study
Designer’s Mix 500g  Bag Those bunches of fresh veggies at the grocery store may look large, but once you clean them and cut them, you waste up to 49% of your veggies… leaving you with approximately 758 grams of raw collards, spinach and rapini for about $7.47Using a 500g bag of Cookin’ Greens, you save $2.48 or 33%!

H3 Case Study3
H3 Case Study2

Chopped Spinach *** MOVE

1 x 500g bag of Cookin’ Greens Chopped Spinach is the equivalent, in grams, to 3 x 300g frozen blocks of spinach or 4 heads of a standard bunch of raw spinach AND 2 x 205g bags of pre-packaged spinach- a cost savings of approximately $8.95, or 64%!

Not to mention, our Cookin’ Greens Chopped Spinach has no water loss upon cooking, and are confetti like texture (not a frozen mushy block).

H3 Case Study4(1)
Fresh vs. Flash-Frozen KaleWhen you buy a head of fresh kale, not only do you have to work hard to clean and chop it, but you also waste approximately 47% of your greens, leaving you with less product then one Cookin’ Greens Chopped Kale 500g bags.


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