The Many Benefits of Frozen Vs. Fresh

Unbelievably convenient and better value than the fresh equivalent…

The fundamental reasons why the flash-freezing process was developed was to offer the consumer great tasting food during the colder seasons. The flash-freezing process contributes to longer shelf life, reduced waste, time and cost savings. In addition, the technology assists with minimizing some of the ‘bitterness’ that’s inherent to fresh dark-leafy greens.
The proof is in the facts…let us tell you about our H3-Study
Let us demonstrate the VALUE of fresh-frozen over its fresh equivalent:.
A third party auditor conducted a study on our behalf that we named “THE H3-STUDY”. The results clearly demonstrates the value in terms of QUANITY (how many), DOLLAR COST (how much) and TIME savings (how long to prepare) our fresh-frozen Cookin’ Greens versus the fresh equivalent.
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